Tea, Not Coffee

It happened two months ago.. I stopped drinking coffee in the morning. And on an empty stomach. And right after opening my eyes. I am not sure, if anyone from my friends and family ever known how much I loved having coffee this way. Waking up to the purring cats, patiently waiting for me to start my daily routine with them, saying hello to usually sunny mornings, stretching my body.. and that’s it.

Happy, not cranky, not sleepy I still would run to the kitchen and make myself a big cup of strong, dark roast, double-triple shot coffee with soy milk. Sometimes I would wake up to a cup of coffee with loveis, that Brett would make for me and leave it on a night stand. In my college years I would have the cheapest instant morning coffee with a cigarette, or even two. Ohh, who I am lying to! Probably more. Those crazy college years.. I am so happy they are all gone! Bartending ULTRA FEST in Miami always started with good Cuban coffee and for the straight 16 hours it would be the only food I had.  And what about a morning coffee with a shot of cognac? I’ve been there and done that. It seemed it was healing my broken heart..

Thankfully, a lot of things are already in the past. My heart had been broken a couple of more times and then healed, thats what time does. After my graduation all my smoking buddies left me or I left them for good and something new. But coffee, my morning coffee would stay with me for many more years.

My First Tea Samples

This is how incredibly powerful our habits could be. But what happened for me – it wasn’t as powerful as I thought. Or I hoped for? Well, it was quite easy to say no to this particular one. There are a lot of researches and studies proving that drinking coffee first thing in the morning isn’t a good idea. There are hours when its better to do it, if you are such a big coffee lover. And, if you are trying to lose weight, it is better to stay away from coffee before breakfast. And so on, so on. As for me – I just decided to see, if I could break this habit, even though I absolutely love coffee. And after all why not to find new ones? Those, that are healthier, happier, more fulfilling and more meaningful?

So today I am going with teas. I have always loved tea – it’a a part of my Russian heritage, I guess. For quite a lot of time I just forgot about it. So here you go, sixteen samples of different tea. Black, Green, White and Herbal. I am picking my favorites! This morning it’s Climber’s High Chai. It was originally created to help people adjust to higher altitudes, that is where its name is coming from. Yerba Mate as the main ingredient has almost as much caffein as coffee, so I am happily welcoming it to my new morning routine. For people who are working on losing weight and who can’t live without coffee first thing in the morning, it’s the best substitute.

I, of course, still drink coffee. Sometimes I simply crave it. Sometimes, at the airport, sitting in a lounge area, I am having a crappy airport capucchino. Sometimes, somewhere in Barcelona, after long dinner with Brett’s partners, I am taking a double espresso, like everyone else and then I stay up all night long. Sometimes I am making it myself somewhere in between 10 am and 2 pm. But what I don’t do – I don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning anymore.


Leina Bektassova
Leina Bektassova
Leina Bektassova lives in South Florida, raising three cats by the ocean. She studies nutrition and, advises others on exercise and healthy living. She is passionate about the environment, living a cruelty-free life, horses and life by (and on) the sea.
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