About Us

Leina came up with the idea for this blog years ago, against my sighs and eye-rolls. I had this notion that writers and bloggers were two entirely different species. Whereas a writer crafts a story, an image, emotion, takes you on a carefully crafted ride; a blogger is a lazy, oversharing millennial with limited language skills and even more limited discretion and economy.

But there are far more successful bloggers than there are successful writers. So, we proceed, against my humored grumblings. Leina is curious of all things media, I view my phone as an evil time-sucking piece of crap that sounds infinitely worse than the rotary phone in the house I grew up in. Whereas she studies (and enjoys!) the nuances of online marketing and branding, I prefer to eat cold food rather than be bossed around by a microwave. There are better, healthier ways to heat food that doesn’t require a 40-page manual in 16 languages.

Began we did, as Yoda would say. Our focus is, and will be, somewhat of a moving target, as we are travelers at heart, our souls themselves moving targets. I’ve never been in an apartment for more than a year. Leina came from Russia to San Francisco to Florida, with stops all over Europe and the middle east. We share a passion for moving yet crave stillness, and there are plenty of ways to do both. We chose one.

So, a lifestyle blog. But one thing we both agree on is a love of the ocean, and there is no better way to see the ocean than from the ocean. Hence, Bring Me Blue Skies. Our boat. Our blog. Our lives. Yet we also live the boring details of life, bills, work, health, stress. We do not have unlimited time nor unlimited funds, and won’t pretend otherwise. What we do is strive to create the best lives we can, beyond the busyness fetishes we’re surrounded by, outside of the urge to build an identity out chosen moments reflected back to us from strangers.

We create, we suffer; sometimes, it seems, we fail more than we succeed. Yet this too is an illusion, the two being no more opposite than men are to women, than age is to youth, then the mountains are to the seas. Than Leina and I are to one another.